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        Welcome to Jinan Fuzhi Paper Co., Ltd!


        Colorful Thermal Paper

        Thermal Paper 57MM

        80x70 Thermal Cash Regist...

        80mm x 80mm Thermal Paper

        Computer Continuous Paper

        ATM Paper Roll

        38mm Thermal Taxi Cab Met...

        Cash Register Paper Roll

        POS Terminal Paper

        2 1/4''x 85' Thermal Till...

        Company Profile

        Jinan Fuzhi Paper Co., Ltd, established in 1998, is a professional paper company in production, distribution, import and export business.  

        Main product:

        1)Thermal Paper Rolls

        2) Carbonless Paper Rolls

        3) Bond Paper Rolls

        4) Custom Printed Thermal Paper

        About Us

        Recommended Products

        News Information

        New Website Lauched2015/11/28
        BPA Free Thermal Paper2015/11/9

        Main Product or Service

                  Thermal Paper Rolls

                     Bond Paper Roll

                     Carbonless Paper Roll

                     ATM Paper

                     Custom-Printed Rolls

        Contact Us

        Address: No. 27 North Industrial Road, Jinan 250100, China


        Phone: +86 18763962515